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2015 Lyrics

Snow Tha Product – 2015 Lyrics

I mean, it's like New Year's Eve and shit
I maaay be drunk, hehe, I'm drunk..

[Verse 1]
Snowy ohhee, bored with the game
I'm just fucking taking selfies, keeping boys entertained
With the noise if you hate, lately I've been on my shit
I've been smoking, I've been drinking
Popping pills and poured a fifth
I'm just trying to find some peace, but lately I've done lost my shit
I'm just trying to throw the peace up, then I realize I'm it
I'ma need a fucking hit, I'ma need these fucking chips
I'm the closest one to making it, and Latinas don't quit
Look I've done came so far from hitting licks tho'
Chicano rap ain't never show me love but its so
Hey, look I done got these bitches hands up like I'm Diplo
I ain't even salty, I'm no hater bitch so sit yo motherfucking ass right back and listen to me then
I'm the proudest motherfucking Mexican ever since SPM
I've done did this shit myself and ain't nobody politic
Up in my favorite, I've got haters that don't wanna see me win
But I'm winnin', spit it, straight from the beginning
Still up in the race that ain't nobody ever finish
And I'm gifted, get it, who else fucking with it?
Fuck it, I'ma kill the game and leave y'all as a witness
It's about to fucking snow, it's a cold fucking winter
And this game's a piece of cake and bitches won't get a sliver
I've done had my own style and Snow got hoes finna shiver
I just got my motherfucking hair stole by a Jenner
I'm like "Fuck that shit, I don't give a fuck." Pass!
Ask anybody caught, he got trying to touch Khloe's ass
I ain't beefing with no female, we all tryna get cash
Only beef with Uncle Sam cause he got my ass taxed

Not bad for procrastinating all of 2014, though
I mean..., aah!
Bro, I'm going to get my shit together in 2015, I promise you
All you Product Pushas, I fucking love you. I'm sorry, I gotchu
Stay on my ass though! Like, tell me, "Snow! You slacking on your shit!
What are you doing?! Eating wings and things and shit..
You better get your shit together." Ah!

Happy 2015!

Fuck you Uncle Sam for taxing the fuck out of a young playa!

Ahh! I was still going to ad-lib one more time!
It ended?
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