Kids get your parents permission before tryin' this

Half of the *** and the music goin' bang
Everybody, everybody, yeah, we all doin' everythin'
So you know what's happenin', there no need to pitty-pat
Dogg in this mother***, yeah, I get the kitty-kat

Swervin' on the one-ten, blowin' on some herb
One hand on the steerin' wheel, the other up her mini skirt
Tryna get some *** while I'm pushin' my wheel
Funny thing about it is that I'm *** your ***

Okay yo, *** lay low, get mayo, like oj yo, say ***
Plug it in, pull it out, put it in, what it is, that's what it's all about
Now what would I be if I let a punk mother*** run up on me?
I play chess, checkmate him in the street, 32 fever off blast that's three

Swish, swish, fresh fish ain't that a ***
Like Ray J I got one wish
Look at the place I'm in
I never *** super head like Kim Kardashian

It's a disgrace to yourself
Dogg is the champ to the face with the belt
I'm undefeated, undisputed, persecuted
Spaded and neutered, faded and booted

We got that ***, we got that yack, yack for you
We got that ***, we got that yack, yack for you
We got that ***, we got that yack, yack for you
We got that ***, we got that whateva you do

Put ya hands in the sky
Stick up, pick up piece of American pie
What kind of car do ya drive?
Suicide doors on the passenger side

Do the windows roll down? Do the doors lift high?
Do the car change colors when that *** drive by?
I don't really know and I don't really care
'Cause me and my money's like Sonny and Cher

Spend dow at the Gucci store
I never spend dow on the *** though
You can check it, I got a record in Brazil
For runnin' out and not payin' the ***

Juvenile delinquent, see when I speak this, move when I bleep this
Lil' *** peep this, ya secrets is all exposed
If ya grew up on ma music ya mamma's one of ma ***
Ya daddy's one of ma foes, ya granny's been to one of ma shows

It is contrary that my literachary is very necessary, ya feel me?
And you can try to rewind it, define it, assign it to a whole 'notha groove
Play it to anotha move, hope ya go through 'cause ya won't strike two
With twelve jury's up your piers, you better hope they like you

Ain't no tellin' what they might do
So I'ma just stay out their mother*** way view
Dippin' in and outta town, gotta get a hundred thou
Even if it's just for a setta

I've been blessed by kings and kissed by queens
Even got a hommie named Prince Akeem
Yes, I mean black diamonds, I can have anythin'
Yep, there's twenty game

Even if I coulda, I would have never stopped
I started on the bottom, now they got him on the top
Sensation, big Snoop Dogg rattin' number one in the nation
Top draft pick, always got a top bad ***

Every time you see me, *** wanna be me
It ain't that easy, it's still hard being
Snoop D O mother*** double G
Believe me

We got that ***, we got that yack, yack for you
We got that ***, we got that yack, yack for you
We got that ***, we got that yack, yack for you
We got that ***, we got that whateva you do, do
Whateva you do, d-d-do, d-d-do, whateva you do, d-do, d-d-do
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Whateva U Do Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – Whateva U Do Lyrics

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