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Thug Life Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – Thug Life Lyrics

Why is there suddenly a nigga trippin' when I do it?
Why do everybody else gon' have a war, have beef
Within the music, talkin' about differences and it's ok
It's music it's hip-hop it's groundbreaking
When I do it, it's war

[Verse 1: West West Cuh]
In the city watch how I'm getting head with it
She do it with no hands and I be ghost whippin'
Oops I think I meant ghost riding
When I get that vet watch how she let me slide in
In that pussy and you know I'm the livest
Introduced known to beat it up no crime man
And I might leave your bae crying
I'm so stressed out man all the homies fall in
And if she let me hit, the homies all can
And they get if I'm eating it's only one [?]
Cause I'mma be as hungry as the last man
A young [?] but I'm the nigga with the damn plan
I keep it G like a crip in the '80s
And then I beat your ass like a nigga in slavery
They say they're trying to help me but it sound like hate to me
A young nigga, but I'm wise like Dr. King
On my own shit, get your own [?]
Niggas think they gettin' handouts cause we damn friends
Nigga put that spoon down better use your hands
Better get that grind right before you life ends
And I ain't never had no love for a fake friend
Or a fuck nigga, better duck nigga
Better hope one of them things don't get stuck in ya
(Bbbbla) good luck nigga

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
Slip this with the crip stick
Getting any nigga with the slick shit
In a room full of misfits
Plug it in get that thing yea my shit bitch
Get bread like bisquick
You're a soft ass nigga with a face full of lipstick
Let me show you how a crip dip
Get ships and flips and take low trips
I sipps that shit ain't talking 'bout lean
Down to Mississippi and New Orleans
Word is a motherfucka, let me verb that
Snoop Dogg is a hog, yea I heard that
You deserve that swerve that 'lac
Make it bang lets go bring that back
I blew they brain, nephew yea do that thang

[Verse 3: Spanky Danky]
Living life in the maze it's amazing
So high I can levitate it's crazy
I feel like I'm the nigga in the matrix
I'm sipping codine I feel like I'mma patient
I stay dosed down off a medical blunt this ain't new
Cop a [?] I blow it with lil Snoop
Blowing smoke out the roof hoes know we the truth
Get the bitch loose than I make her do what it do
Put the hole on the crew word to [Mc Duce?]
I'm chopping real game, other niggas is goose
When I pass by the bitch she gon' know we the truth
[He?] gang green and we're devoted to you
We brought base in your face for proof
The realest nigga out yo give me the juice

[Verse 4: West West Cuh]
They never hate a nigga when he spittin' the truth
I gotta keep it real gotta stick to my roots
Tu-Tune in you know my slang
Me and my niggas doing our thing and we all gon' win
Fucking these models and fucking they friends
Got more hoes than Snoop and prince
Pimpin' nigga, look at my hands
Gold rings on my fingers
Young nigga and I'm hella dangerous
Like a lethal injection, ballers on it
Yea that's me section, getting money
Yea that's the only objection
[?] everywhere so I see my reflections
West West, hold it down for Texas
Yellow diamonds on my necklace
Pretty bitches getting naked
Young nigga living reckless
Like 21 guns for protection

[Verse 5: Spanky Danky]
Been done with that fast life
So it was on to the thug life
Ain't no bet, but I could never love my wife
Like I love my life I never love ya twice
I fell in love one night still lost in the days in a major way
I be blazed for days, like Johnny
Mobbing in the [?] lane it's my hobby
We savvy, real nigga say savvy
Looking for them bitches take them at a track meet
Deep dig bandit she run into my canyon
Dappin' blowing like a candle
[?] whippin' in the valley
Real og I'm nothing like my daddy
Few kids on the way I'm happy
Raw dog, and I'm learning with a passion
Ohh, didn't y'all go to school
I'm reachin' and preachin' and teachin' to you
All in my business I'm feeling like Snoop
But I'm more like Pac learn a life lesson but I might get shot
I'm spreading the message that's all that I got
We pray for progression and stick to the plot
I'm feeling like yoda my knowledge is hot

I see myself changing the world
Because my thoughts are so opposite of the norm
So I will have to change the world
Or I will have to be changed by the world
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