Days like this are days I love
Burn in round going nowhere
That I get this feel on your time
Smiling ’cause I know that I’m the one that makes you smile
Love the way you say my name
And how you laugh at all the stupid things I say
It’s all love and no hate
Hangin with you while you’re hangin hangin on my own, and I like it,
Your hand on my back while we’re driving driving in my car, and I like it
This is the good good, this is what people look on their lives to find
And baby we found it, right on time.
This is the good good and now that we got it
We gotta keep it going strong, keep it strong,
Gotta keep it going on the end
Keep us flowin’, keep it, keep it going on the end
Keep it slowin’, keep it keep it going on the end
Keep it slowin’, keep it keep it going on the end
Every time I’m feeling alone
There will be a text from you on my phone
Just to say you’re thinking of me
And when we in the car I know it’s only me and see
After way you have my back and how when I make non sense
Use to hug the state, when nobody else stay
All this love is the best love that can ever be
And I get high on you and me
Anyone can see,
This is the good good.
[2 x Chorus:]
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The Good Good Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – The Good Good Lyrics