I knew that, I knew that
You were lookin' at me
That's when the blunt start rushing
I knew that, I knew that
You would leave your spot when you got hot
And you're goin' again
I love when you seein' she's goin' to the bathroom
Got 5 minutes to exchange them buds
No I'm not callin' you, what's your sign
I know your name, it must be under cover

[Verse 1]
Went out tonight, I think of my life
I'm sick and tired of rouge, yea
Then, threw caution to the wind cause F it, who cares
So tonight I'm gon' be

[Pre-Chorus] x2
Riding on your, riding on your
Riding on your wave girl
And I feel like, ooh


[Verse 2]
Thinkin' to myself if I was a freaky dink
What's crackin' homie?
Ain't you ain't gonna see me in this club next week, no
So tonight' I'm gon' be



[Verse 3]
I'm hoping that you rest and you don't need to sleep
Don't be slacking homie
Grab me by the proof so I don't miss a beat
Baby, so tonight I'm gon' be


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I Knew That Lyrics

Snoop Dogg – I Knew That Lyrics

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