Now she laying in the sand, talking lingo she don't

Understand getting that tan (she's sexy)
Chillen with the sandman, if you got a dream I'll flip it to

A plan
Now she's moving so erotic, and her body's so hypnotic it

Will drive you insane (she's sexy)
She's rocking my chain, she the type to make it pass my rap


Dat, dat dat dat (dat body) x7
[Chey. N] Co, co come get this body

You can getcha own (own), custom-made (made)
Each body got it's own custom shape (yeah)
Some go fast, some go slow
Others go high, and others go low (low, low)
She the hottest on road, I know she wanna ride so I'm ready

To go (go, go)
I know how to make her moan, I got that turbo injection with

Hot nitro

Now we chillen in my zone, sipping on the patron, she getting

Naked in my Range, going outta control
My regular petrol head, there's nothing she wont do in bed
I call her workshop, cause she wont stop, she wanna play with

My glock, til she makes it pop
Her drop-dead body's worth twenty-five to life for

Dat, dat dat dat (dat body) x8

[Chey. N]
Yeah, you know that you want this body,
Cute face, little waist, tastes like candy,
Co, co co come get this body (x2)
Uh, I know that I run this party,
Dip it low, to the floor, just for you papi,
Wa, wa watch me work my body (x2)

They see chrome rims, more drinks
They call us hydraulics, alcoholics
They say we degrading, x-rated
They hate it just cause we made it

Pop the roses, break some glasses,
Shake your assets, you the baddest
Jet-setter, trend-setter, who better
If you think I'm getting carried away just blame

Dat, dat dat dat (dat body) x7
Dat, dat dat dat
[Chey. N] Take my body
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Dat Body Lyrics

Sniper – Dat Body Lyrics