You and me
Have been together
For a long, long time now
Don't know how we do it
We just do it

Way I feel
About you tonight babe
Is how I felt the first night we met
That is one night that I
Will always remember

I wanted you then, I want you now baby
I wanted you then, I want you now baby
You drive me insane
You make me wanna do something (repeat two more times)

You and me
Have made a promise
Not to be
Stupid and throw
This thing out the window
No way

I believe
We'll keep that promise
Just as long as we're both alive
Maybe even longer
Who knows?

(chorus two times)

Make me wanna do something
Make me wanna scream
Make me wanna break something
Make me wanna throw stuff around
Make me wanna steal things
Make me wanna do something (repeat four more times)
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Do Something Lyrics

Smoking Popes – Do Something Lyrics

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