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Ballet Lyrics

Smoke – Ballet Lyrics

Morning coffee, at a café on the promenade.
And i watch the kids walk by.
Then for a moment reality as we know it starts to fade
This tattoo of a buffalo on this young boy's back, it caught my eye
I let fantasy kick in
Now I place a tiara upon his head
And for a second, damned if i don't feel young again.
See the dance, watch him bleed in pirouette
He told me he had me in mind when he wrote this one-man show
It starts kind of slow
But soon the pace picks up and he starts to spin
Faster, faster, faster, faster, upon, upon his toes
Beauty and grace, like his, why
This must be a God given thing. I don't understand.
Oh I go ahead and let fantasy kick in.
I place a tiara on his pretty little head.
Then for a second, damned if I don't feel young again
See the dance, watch him bleed, in pirouette, in pirouette, in pirouette

He jumps up on the table
And bounces his leotard
His spread is so high
You know he's right there licking my face
Body stretched and spread
It makes me weep, it makes me hard
The white man smell so sweet
You can almost taste it

Reality's done, done. and he's done, walked away.
And my coffee done, got cold
I sit there and try to learn to love my new found appreciation for the ballet.
But real life still sucks, same old, same old.
Real life still sucks, same old.
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