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Smino – SUMMER SALT Lyrics

I'm gonna run through this. Give me some time to really collect these bars, I'm gonna take care of Verse 1 if anyone wants to chip in!

[Verse 1: Smino]
What do they cap?
I need enough for my kids, kids, kids
Lil mama bag of diamonds, straight from a [?]
Watch how I climb up, I'm on top of my shit like this
She say Papi "Is you mad?" I said it depends, shit, well
Lil' freaky bit from [?]
She want me to do a [threeway?]
My [?] woah, I bet that she want revenge, venge, venge
She a scorpio, that's how I know she finish him
I kick the hindges, I felt the door in
They let my friends in, I feel like Joey
Fuck up her lipstick, fucking destroy it
Keep it realistic, I don't fuck with no fiction
I don't work for no nigga, I got employees
This is [?], you just a boy
Smino Carlito pushing, huh?
High as bald eagle pushing, huh?
Sminopolizin' my hobby, spit out the [?] my option
I [?] a second the doctor, [?] me a [?] proud for my mommy
I cook up, I..[?]

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