[Intro - Female voice - speaking Spanish]
Mi amor, tu quero tanto
Y can't de gadi mis tanto dinero
Vesa me, amori, I mentua
I papi, I I I papi
I papi, I I I papi
I papi, I papi
I I I papi, I I I papi
[Southstar - talking over female]
What's up? Ok, yeah, uh huh
Once again, Mr. Smilez
Southstar, yeah, ya'll know how we do
Check it, uh, uh, uh, uh
Right now I'm 'bout to bring ya'll the funk (ok)
Windows down, let the beat bang out the trunk (let's go)
Roll it up, blow dirt, only smoke skunk (*inhaling*)
I'm the clean up hitter, so I ain't never gonna bunt (*coughing noise*)
Don't front, I'm gonna keep doin' what I want (uh huh)
Got a couple dimes, but ya'll never see me flaunt (nah)
Chicks be like South, ain't you ready for a wife?
Nah I just want to get brains, move on with life (haha)
I take girls on trips and shopping sprees
Romance 'em, before they drop to their knees (get down)
Type of cat, that don't even ice out your beat (bling)
And give you the chills, in a 100 degree heat
Drop the top down, just to feel the breeze
And take all ya'll money, why ya'll catchin' Z's (*snoring noise*)
I'm gonna run up in spots, reppin' as D
And have the whole world sayin', I'm the best mc (that's right)
[Chorus - Male singing]
Yo, we gotta get that dough
Then we gotta get some more
I hope your ready to rollll
And hey (hey), you know we gotta get paid
I hope you think that way
If so, it's time to rollll
Uh, uh, uh, Smilez, uh, uh, yo, yo, yo
I went from the two door Ac, to the Lexus kid
From the Lee jeans, to the coochie stiffness
From bein' bad at class, people call me
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Let's Roll Lyrics

Smilez And Southstar – Let's Roll Lyrics