[Verse 1: Supplemental Friend]

Ayo I need a new muse
Am I still an enigma?
I'll express my self better this time
Avoid social stigma
A Doofus in the corner
A foreigner to everything
I'll catch a movie solo embrace emotion that it brings
(See the thing is...)
The thing is I am clothes pinned to a broken spoke
I go hard on flat tires, rookie card, hopping moats
Like flaming hoops and all that hired nowhere but I'm dope
Rewrite memories subconsciously
I edit out the painful parts
So I guess gimme the old muse because Im more than an enigma
I'm a hard mode puzzle a next next level riddler
I'm an idiot oblivious
To them your life is meaningless
This mic is a pipe bomb. so pretend that you're feeling this
(See the thing is...)
The thing is I'm fast asleep in a freezing house
Your mouth is a tundra
Open up and remove doubt
Like a reverse dragon breathe and a blizzard comes out
I go mongol on the memories
Burn down the painful parts

{I am either ether or pancake mix}
{you decide the rest}
{or don't. if you think can resist}

[Hook: Supplemental Friend]
(Chorus X4)
You are severely obscured
Like I can barely see you
I'll follow the birds south in an attempt to meet you
The mirage of whatever oasis you believe in
Dissipates. We're leaving
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Severely Obscured Lyrics

S//MENTAL – Severely Obscured Lyrics

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