Sign em' up and shave their heads
And ship them off to die
Ship them off to die
Before their time is of the essence
When you're barely eighteen
You're too preoccupied
Too young to question why
Does the truth of war
Take some decades to be revealed
Meet your cult classic stereotype
You're that skeleton
You are that liaison tonight
I'm alright... if you're alright
I pledge no allegiance for this fact
I am proud
And it's my job to keep thinking out loud
You're the bridge we burned
Before we looked across
I drove all night
Just to see you again
My old friend
That's why I'm singing this song
Inclement weather and my shitty car
No road too far
It's always my favorite destination
Yeah I thought I found the cure
But now I'm not so sure
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Barely Legal Lyrics

Smartbomb – Barely Legal Lyrics