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Two Rivers Lyrics

Small Black – Two Rivers Lyrics

[Verse 1: Heems]
Himanshu, a bombshell
9am, I can’t sleep, be bugging
Mean mugging
Cause Indian kids be thugging
Indian uncles staring
Indian aunties bugging
Indians songs that's blaring out of windows
I be chamomile sipping
Still tipping, still tipping

[Hook: Small Black]
Love rise high over me
On the west side looking east
Tennis courts, full of rain
River was a mirror that had gone insane
I spoke to you a little slow
You misunderstood where I wanted to go
A taxi cab full of glass
Headphones on, never heard the crash

[Verse 2: Heems]
Yo, beginners with splinters that wither weather
Not as a winner, dinner, gimme the jitters
Eat beef, him don't, blue notes, Hindu winds blow
Wind boat, arch windows, minarets
Nicorette, pick your bets, iller than Fila threads
Dilla best, Finito second, reckon, I'm wrecking
Anybody’s stuff, a veteran, Eddie Vedder's van
I need no weapon to pain that I be shlepping


[Small Black]
I’m looking at the big sky
You never understood me
I’m looking at the big sky
You never understood me
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