Catabolic devastation
Unexpected inner fear
New perspective born from this
Departure from myself

The end of this process
It's something I can't see
This inner fear is killing me
The rise of agony

A kind of private day of doom
Pain is everywhere

Fear! Fear!
Growing in my head
My mind my hell
What a fucking trick!

I'd better kill the liar
My newborn dirty twin
It's I against me
Me and my disease

Inner fear
Force injected pain
Burying me alive
My body is my grave

Post-traumatic damage
Decreasing self-esteem
I am losing grip
On my reality

I cannot understand this
What's happening to me?
I know this is the way
My ego talks to me

I've got to focus on my needs
And dig inside myself

Inner fear
Force injected pain
I'm still alive
I'm back from the grave

From my grave
With renewed strength
Back to life
It's time
To kick ass again
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Back From The Grave Lyrics

Slowmotion Apocalypse – Back From The Grave Lyrics