It's OK you're leaving and we never talked about it
Even thought about it ever before, oh
So now I'm sleeping until the evening
Then I'm into the night looking for the next dance floor

I thought you would let me, I thought maybe you would let me down,
You let me down now I'm looking for another while we're still around
I know I will be saved 'cause I always have believed
That there's something more from me when I go

And there's a city that will heal me and help me
And help me clear the lumps out of my throat
I think that next summer, if we're still alive, you should try
We should try to jump into some water and focus on getting high

Fill your head with regretful space and leave it in that older place
Photographic memory is patchy grays, early rays and I'm OK
I'm OK, I'm not waiting for another will we're still alive
If we're still alive
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If We're Still Alive Lyrics

Slow Club – If We're Still Alive Lyrics