Greetings friends...
Join us on a journey through Pennsylvania

I know a place
Where the roads are filled with potholes
Snow kicks our ass
And the salt destroyes our vehicles

Sippin Yuegling Lauger
Laying underneath the pine tree
(Look out for that pinecone)
Meet my new friend
This is Phil from Punxsutawney

You can fly to Miami
But nothings as fine as a Halfway Dam post sign
Would you like to touch my python?
At Clyde Peeling's Reptileland
I'll put it in your hand

Pennsylvania Guys, we're unforgettable
Denim shorts and cotton tank tops
Deer head staring at you in my living room
In Pennsylvania, Keystone Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Guys, we're just untouchable
Thick mustache and ready to rock
Philly represent, cheesesteaks are cooking up
In Pennsylvania, Keystone Pennsylvania

We clip a deer
Scoop it up and have a picnic
(Venisons my medicine)
My pops (works at) Dorney Park
And my ma's a truck mechanic

We eat hoagies
Middlesworth chips and pierogies
Bean soup and Whoopie pies
And that sweet Lebanon Bologne

We made tour topping song hits
Like Unskinny Bop and the Pennsylvania Polka
St. Patties day up in Scranton
Sloppy wasted at seven am hang up at twelve pm

Pennsylvania Guys, we're unforgettable
Flannel shirts, suspenders on top
Horse and buggy parked outside the grocery store
In Pennsylvania, Keystone Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Guys, we're so incredible
Billy Joel sings about Allentown
Pittsburgh represent, I'll take your can of pop
In Pennsylvania, Keystone Pennsylvania

'Sylvania's known all over the globe
Even Mr. Rodger's one of the?
Come and join a five star cuisine
Cheesesteaks, Tasteycakes, Pork & Beans

Take a little ride down the Hershey Highway
Pig out at Saurkraut every New Year's Day
Go to Dutch Wonderland, milk a fake cow
Fifteen miles down the Eerie Canal

Amish people getting freaky with no remorse
Way down south at the town of Intercourse
At the Bloomsburg fair I bought a carmel apple
Got hoof of mouth disease from eating raw scrapple

Pennsylvania Guys, we're unforgettable
Mining hats with flashlights on top
Coal dust skin so dark who needs a tanning bed?
In Pennsylvania, Keystone Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Guys, we're highly physical
Sexy smile above our beer gut
Wilkes Barre represent, we want amnesia back
In Pennsylvania, Keystone Pennsylvania

(North Philly in the house! )
King of Prussia
(Shop shop till you drop! )
(Tom Clark's in the backyard! )
West Altoona
East Sentralia

WOO! that's on fire! I seen it!
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Pennsylvania Guys Lyrics

Sloppy Secondz – Pennsylvania Guys Lyrics

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