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Liberate (Bananas) Lyrics

Slipknot – Liberate (Bananas) Lyrics

Liberate- Bananas!
One at a time, free them now!
I just want to...

Go in the grocery store
You ate a banana?!?! What the hell have you done?
Keep the peels at bay!
I don't wanna trip, ya see?
It's all part of my game!
It's not a childish game! I'm a mature guy!
I will tell on you! Come on Sid, to infinity, and beyond!

Back off, don't touch it!!!
Stand off or I'll shit [*Chris*: my pants!]

Mick's hair's so soft that you'll forget
The bananas are getting out
Because you never gave a shit
Agree, or I'll have a fit.
Bananas are good, they diserve better than this!
I'm so glad the bananas are getting out!
So Liberate bananas...

Liberate- Bananas!
One at a time, free them now!
I just want to...

You should be ashamed!
The way you treat them is humane!
No I am not insane!
I just want you to stay away
From the bananas, this place
Is not a nice place to keep a banana... It's the truth!
Well, I think you are being unfair!
You kept the bananas in fear!

Now they're saved - They're not your slaves - Now they can have a name -
You never cared - Why do you act like this? - Bananas diserve a better home
Than this! - You fed them lies - It's not right - You're a mean guy! - The
Bananas are at bliss again - I give them, kisses, I tell them it's ok, to say, how They, feel inside - How long have they been treated like this? It is so my business! Ow! My coffee burned me, I read the French label: Attention! Chaud!
[*Chris* says: Well! I don't speak French! How was I suposed to know what it meant?!]

Liberate- Bananas!
One at a time, free them now!
I just want to...

[Ending Skit]

Corey: [In a rush] Save the bananas! Come on take as many as you can!

Employee: [Angry] hey! Come back! You didn't pay for those bananas!

Joey: [feeling competitive] I'll kick your ass! Let me at him! [babyish tone] Corey nooo....

Corey: [Pulls Joey back. Picks up a bunch of bananas. In even more of a rush. Feels annoyed] Joey, here, take these and run. I'll deal with this, you're too small and fragile to handle a situation as severe as this. Mick, grab as many as you can, Chris, Shawn and Sid, start piling them into carts. Craig and James, get the Truck! Paul, go with Joey, we can't leave him unattended. Come on you guys!! Let's move!

Joey: [Sits on floor, starts crying] aaaahhhhhh!!! Waaaahhhhh!! [cries harder, sniffles] ahhhahaha!! Mhhmmmhmmmhmmmm!!! [Lies on ground and pounds floor with fists, kicks legs] I'm in trouble with the police now!!!

Paul: [Slightly annoyed. Tries to hand Joey some bananas] No we're not! Come on, here, take these, we have to go! [Joey sits up, his eyes widen] There's no time for thi- [Shocked] oh... God... He.. Didn't.. Did he? [Sicked out] eww gross joey you picked the worst time!

Chris: [confused] Why? Wha- [Smells the air] oh sick joey gross you pissed your pants in the grocery store! That's just discusting! Talk about bad timing god damn joey learn to control your bladder!

Joey: [extremely upset, sniffling] But... I... Can't... Help... It... It just happens... [eyes water]

[Manager heads in Slipknot's direction]

Manager: Excuse me, may I ask you what on Earth are you trying to do?

Slipknot: [all eyes on manager. Stare in awe] .....

Corey: stay away [grabs the nearist object, which happens to be a whiffle bat] or I'll hurt you!

Manager: I'm afraid I'm going to ask you to leave the store, you are causing a scene.

Mick: [Grabs a Pool Noodle] I'll show you "causing a scene"! [starts hitting the Manager with it]

[Security guards walk up to Corey and Mick *still beating Manager, who is just standing there* And ask them to leave the store. The rest of Slipknot try to help Corey and Mick fight off the Security guards. Joey gets up, takes some bananas and goes for the door, but doesn't get far. Slipknot then is escorted out of the grosery store. Slipknot only saves twenty bananas.]

James:[Sighs] Well, that was pointless

Corey: no it wasn't!

Craig: [Steps in] Corey, it was pointless, really, we had no cause. I mean, they're bananas.

Corey: [Sits on curb] Well, at least we tried, I mean, twenty bananas is a lot...
Shawn: No, Corey, really, they never needed freedom. They are bananas, they are inanimate peices of fruit.

Corey: Actually, yes, it was pointless. Let's not do this again... [looks down in embarrasment]

Sid: No shit.

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