Baby Scratch My Back 2: 52 Trk 16
Slim Harpo
(James Isaac Moore)
Slim Harpo - vocal & harmonica
W/James Johnson & Rudolph Richard - guitars
Geese August - bass, Sammy Brown - drums
Poss. Monroe Vincent - percussion.
Recorded: Crowley, Louisiana, October 1965
Excello Records 2273
Pop Chart #16 January 29, 1966
Album: The Best of Slim Harpo hipd 40072

Intro: harmonica & instrumental (23 bars)

Aah, I'm itchy
And I don't no where to scratch
Come here, baby
Scratch my back
I know you can do it
So baby, get to it

Aah, you're workin' wit' it now

Ya got me feelin' so good

A li'l bit to the center now, baby


This little girl sho' knows how to scratch!

Now you're doin' a chicken scratch

(instrumental & guitar)

Aah, it's lookin' good, baby!

Just go 'head an scratch it!

That's what I'm talkin' about

(harmonica - instrumental to end)

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Baby Scratch My Back Lyrics

Slim Harpo – Baby Scratch My Back Lyrics

Songwriters: JAMES MOORE
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