Sitting back letting the radio play
Returning phone calls but there's nothing to say to you
You're so predictable, it's girls like you that make it hard to keep my cool
So tell me, tell me, answer this right now
Why have you left me here? What's it all about?
You've got a first class problem
Let's be honest, you only care about yourself

Jealousy will someday kill you
A chance that you're willing to take
Home is where the heart is
But all the trust you had was fake
Envy's got you tied up in a knot
(I'm just saying)
Look at where we came from, what we go
(And I'm praying)
That you will find some sleep tonight
I hope that you find some sleep tonight

She's only into quick and simple satisfaction
She knows it all, advice is only a distraction
(You can't get in her way)
Stubborness she's loving it
She enjoys being fake
So shape up or ship out, 'cuz I think it's time to move on
Come on! You know what I'm talking about
Make a good decision for once in your life
Common sense is hard to come by

You'll never live this down
You have nothing to come home to
'Cuz I'm not here for you
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Girls Like You (Will Never Get A Real Job) Lyrics

Sleeping With Giants – Girls Like You (Will Never Get A Real Job) Lyrics

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