I remember all the
Times you stared at me
And you told me I was
Something to be proud of
Took A walk to the
Corner store in 85
And again in 86
87 I got high for the first time
88 it was my favorite pastime
89 I was inches from the
On divine I扢 doing fine
This beast doesn扵 let me go
It扴 making me feel
So strong
I扢 trying to re-Create insanity
Feel so strong
Put myself in A program
Of recovery
Saw another side of
Life that was beautiful
It allowed me to incorporate A way of life
That was meaningful to you
But you can never
Let go of the past
Sometimes the winner
Is really dead last
I know I扢 clean
But my mind is so
Filthy, so beautiful
Don扵 rush me
I扢 fragile
I won扵 bark
But I扡L bit back
And I扡L attack
Do you belong?
I扸E been trying
To get over
Being god but it扴
Just too much fun
To control
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Inches From The Mainline Lyrics

Slaves On Dope – Inches From The Mainline Lyrics