As I ride
On a goat's back
I look at the hanged clunks
The rats and the worms
That I considered my friends
I made that post to hang their bodies
And I hanged 'em in my front yard
And I said
"Whatzup motherfuckers?"
But they won't say hello anymore to me
They just sweat like bitches in the car wash as they hang and lie in the sun
By this time they get sunburn like the black cowboys
That's half the battle for me to see how they suffer on death row
There will always be traitors who free them from the gallows
And they infest and then consume everything
Eat more fucking rice right fucking now, bitches
There is only one fucking sign above every fucking churches' gate
"You betrayed"
Get out of here and go back to your plague island
Go! Go back
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Hang 'Em In The Front Yard Lyrics

Slaughter At The Engagement Party – Hang 'Em In The Front Yard Lyrics

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