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Wicked Stone Lyrics

Slash – Wicked Stone Lyrics

from album: World On Fire (2014)
Last night in paradise
I can feel it down in my bones
Left the good all behind
Now I die on the vine
Waiting for my redemption song

I am never safe
Just a walking bomb
In a midnight rage
Then I'm gone

I'm getting off this wicked stone
'cause I can't say
And I cannot deny
That all I want is lost
No, I can't face
Another night on this wicked stone

I rolled and tumbled down
And I curse till the morning light
From the mountain I fell
To the depths of hell
I was distant and born to find

Once a rolling stone
Now a falling star
Was so close to home
Now so far


You might say I'm good for nothing
I might say that you are right, yeah
Can I crawl away from this ball and chain?
It's got me tethered to a world of pain
I'm digging my own grave this time
On this wicked stone tonight!


I'm getting off this wicked stone
(I'm getting off this wicked stone)
'cause I can't stay (cannot stay)
And I cannot deny that all I want (all I want)
All I want is lost (it's gone forever)
No I can't face (cannot face, yeah)
Another night on this wicked stone

Say yeah!
This wicked stone!
Let me say yeah-yeah-yeah
Another night on this wicked stone
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