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Automatic Overdrive Lyrics

Slash – Automatic Overdrive Lyrics

from album: World On Fire (2014)
My baby's high, she's in overdrive
She's a fiend out on the floor
She's a shot of pain
She's a drop dead paramour

She comes around and she turns it up
Her disease I can't ignore
Puts it to the red like I've never seen before

But it's all right
Baby's automatic, she's in overdrive
Rollin' all night
Never slowing down until she sees the light

She always says that she's sick and tired
Of the pressure and the pain
Bearing down on her
Like a ten ton suicide

How many times I tell her
If she keeps running at this pace
She'll be long run out
Before she can ever reach the light


She's running free
She's running hot
That's all she needs to reach the top

She's so obscene
She's all I've got
My motor queen don't ever stop
Oh, I wanna do it again


(Oh I wanna do it again)

(1st 2 times - cause it's all right)
(2nd 2 times - But it's all right)

She ain't slowin' down till she scores tonight
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