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When I Shoot You Lyrics

Slaine – When I Shoot You Lyrics

I'm walking through the after hours spot
It's crowded hot and cloudy from kush smoke
Bitches doing E, killing that powder, rocking rowdy
Got staring like they know about me
Tout me as legend and heard my words and wanna doubt me
Before I came up no one looked twice when I passed
Now I'm just a snake doomed to live my life in a glass tank

It took years and went so lightning fast
I went from no whip to Navigator siphoning gas
I rode Domo to this party in particular
Sipping liquor bout to take this chick to the whip
To give some dick to her
We swallow molly, Bacardi spilling on my wallaby
She whispered in my ear and said she wanna swallow me

We stumbled to the car kissing, it was actually sucking
Biting and slapping the whole way, we're practically fucking
But I shoulda looked in back of me cousin I wasn't thinking right
Never saw the hazards from the Lincoln with the blinking lights
Anyway she hiked the skirt up, the drugs were gone word up
My dick was rock hard, I slid my rubber on
She started riding me, the bitch was screaming like I'm hearing her
Plus her pussy's wet leaking all on my interior

Just as I came she came, collapsed with a gasp
That's when the side of my head felt the smash of the glass
Fuck I ducked down, threw her like a rag doll
Popped my clutch into reverse and smashed a black Dodge and backed off
Popped it in drive, gunned it and crashed more
I started speeding off, saw the rock on my dash, my head is bleeding dog
I got a couple blocks, started getting sick and my nerves
Hit the brakes and kicked the bitch to the curb

If I shoot you I'm brainless
If you shoot me you famous
But now I gotta kill you
I know the lifestyle that I live is dangerous
So when I shoot you you forever remain nameless
So don't think I won't kill you, I will do it
I got a child and a home, fuck it I'll still do it
If you shoot me you're famous
If I shoot you I'm brainless
So what am I to do?

I used to be starving with the animals who hungered for more
Moving bundles in the jungle with the gun in their drawers
Dudes got locked up and pinched pushing onions and raw
All I'm saying is if they could've they woulda dug through the floor
When the raids came we all played the game, nobody stayed the same
Dudes got locked up, some died in amazing pain
Many are alive and fighting still to this moment
From the struggle, if they got to they will kill their opponent

So when I tell you I'm a villain I've shown it
The title of a one in a million, I'm not boasting now I own it
But that's the same type of thing that gets your roasted now don't it?
When you made it out the shit and wasn't supposed to they want it
I been a starving dog with the ravenous beasts
Having a piece is mandatory, you get stabbed in the streets
For what I make at a show when you're aching to blow
Point blank range my bullets penetrating your skull

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