[Verse 1:]
Listen I walk a fine line between good and evil
Legal, illegal, sold to all the townspeople whether young or they're feeble
White coke, yellow coke's like eagle to seagull
Close cousins like Monte Carlo, Buick Regal
Mixed spic, Jew, chink, guinea, wetback, negro
Now dilated pupils stare out peepholes
Wake up with the scent of vomit and a peepshow
Special K got you all hiding in a deep hole
Blue Top 10s, bandana dragging the flag
Black and blue, angel dust dms in the bag
Puff this, it feels right but it's oh so wrong
You might never come down, high for oh so long

Ain't no crew you know ever had it like this
I got drugs, money, s** and it's tatted on my wrist
When there's no place to hide, nowhere you can run
Run run from the world, you are stunned from the gun

Run run [?] police raided I'd hiding under the floor, hiding under the

[Verse 2:]
I'm a cold-blooded soldier, don't think I can't bleed
Slide with the avalanche, dance with the stampede
They say I ain't have a chance, no it can't be
Isn't it something how I'm bunching up your panties
My coke's too expensive, I mean it I can't sneeze
I mean it when I'm talking goddamnit I can't breathe
A vigilante that division can't see
Handcuffs can't touch em, fuck prison I'm free
But my lawyers are expensive, my voyage been extensive
Consider this a letter to my boys behind the fences
Poison with the sentence, lethal with the book
Deceitful as a crook, a refill on my drink and this E pill that I took
Got me high as fuck man, yeah, it's all I can do so drop the hook

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Black & Blue Flag Lyrics

Slaine – Black & Blue Flag Lyrics