Those that I'm missing here, are: gudbuy T'jane and c** on feel the noize,
Boath greeet songz. What I do have now, are these: skweeze me, pleeze me
Which entered the Dutch top 40 on 14-July-1973 and went 28-14-11-12-26-38,
And my friend stan, entered on 27-October-1973 and went 25-13-13-15-29-38.
Allsow greeet songz. :-)
At the time, my friend stan was the first slowcalm Slade hit, I remember.
Skweeze me, pleeze me
[Written by Lea
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Tak' Me Bak' 'ome Lyrics

Slade – Tak' Me Bak' 'ome Lyrics