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Grew Up On Kool-Aid Lyrics

Skyzoo – Grew Up On Kool-Aid Lyrics

Damn practice
Second shot light
Hypnotic light
One time light!
Flow something like

First of all I wanna thank my connect
Meaning I thank me for every part of my steps
Meaning I thank me for stepping off to the left,
…questing the rights but never followed the rest,
Back under the lights, I never wanted to stress
But if that come with hype then that’s one to impress!
Trapped under the life since tagging under the desk,
Couldn’t tell me that I couldn’t be matched up wit the best
Back then I wasn’t, forward now I am
Back then I wanted to call it now what I can
Trapped in to wanting to come around in lam
Off a story that you know like the other side of your hand.
Meaning that you relate, and that should be enough,
Couldn’t name another that was accurate as such
Know I weave with the paint cinematically as such,
OG said I say it like when… was up,
95 the diction, 20-20 the view
95s edition of what was under the stoop
95, gifted, up and under your boo
Not a soul as nice so I don’t want it with who?
Do remember that I’m the one with the proof?
So if I do brag then I was up in that booth
No mic when I was up in that booth
Pinstripe suites, find me up on the ‘Tube, yeah!
I know Mike, MJ salute,
Sharing the cigars with the pair that you got on
…know, he was there to tag along,
Lou… records, L&D sweatshirts,
Same kid by the speakers when they blared
Moms with 2 jobs so my weekends disappeared
Heard high schoolers blowing… in the stairs,
I was sitting in the kitchen, it was seeping under there
Banging on the table, scribbling a chorus
Ambition to get it and live it how I saw it!
Bowls of Apple Jacks, …me don’t play,
How the fuck could I ever not be OK?

Hook: (X2)
Grew up on Kool aid,
Money by the shoe lace,
19, opened the trunk and sold 2-ways,
Me and Biz for the win like touchй,
You spent it all at the mall every few days!

One time like
One time

Grew up on Kool aid,
Money by the shoe lace,
How weird is that? Huh?
Do remember!
The wide as the sky…
February 19! Oh!
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