I’m a Partyholic...

When I arrive better cuff your date
This club so packed, might suffocate
Oh okay (she’s a cutie)
I turn my swag on
And proceed to do me
Haters watchin, the haters watchin
Mad cuz all of the ladies watchin
It's mind blowin how the dj got me goin
And when you get me goin aint no way I'm stoppin
Hands up if you’re feelin yourself
Funny, I got the same feeling myself
That woman over there just gave me a look
So I think I'm gon’ say what's up
Girl you’re hot, 100 degrees
Was wondering did you wanna have some fun with me
Money fallin Out my pocket, clumsy me
Show you I'm a partyholic, come with me

I know you better now be sittin down,
If you are you better stand up right now

Girl I'm not gonna lie, you’re kinda fine
So let me know do you wanna be mine
Hey tell me right now girl, don’t waste no time
Turn the music up louder, because I'm…
Partyholic, I'm a partyholic
I'm a partyholic
(And I came to) partyholic

[Verse 2:]
Ohh ohh okay

Girl let me see you touch your ankles
Oh, I see you’re hard to handle
I like the way you movin And you putting on a show
The way you back it up and then you come close

Girl I'm not gonna lie your...
So let me know do you…
Hey tell me right now girl…
Turn the music up louder...
Partyholic, partyholic
Partyholic, partyholic
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Partyholic Lyrics

Skyscrapers – Partyholic Lyrics

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