Killing crabs (in the ocean)
Kill it fast (pain explosion)
It creates (devistation)
Mutilate (the crustacean)

As you step into the boat
And the wood begins to float,
You take a look out at the sea:
A hell of shells an pincing feet.

You reach inside to grab the spear,
But what's that pincer doing here?
The beast arrives; the time is now.
Don't kill the crab? You're going down.

Raise harpoons, men; you will eviscerate
The crustacean for ten dollars a plate.


With no volition to survive,
The fisher would soon realize
He's felt the dark crustacean's wrath.
It's pincers rip his men in half.

The mast will break the burning hull.
It's legs will trample on their skulls.
It's sideways walking on your boat.
The corpses now begin to float.

There's no escaping; hit the deck.
It's mouth is ripping into your neck.
There's no one left to fucking save.
The crab king's making you it's slave,

So if you're eating crab right now,
Then just get down and fucking bow.
By feasting them, you've sealed your fate.
Now spread the butter on the plate.


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Crabplosion Lyrics

Skylliton – Crabplosion Lyrics

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