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The Grey Balloons Lyrics

SkyBlew – The Grey Balloons Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I used to...... Wanna be somebody else,
Blinded by misguided illusions of: sex, fame and wealth.
Fam worried about my health cuz my heart murmur trippin'
Stressin', like dreams won't make a living,
I'm giving everything that I had just to have my heart broken,
Needing some relief, thinking should I start smoking?
But what will that solve, except choking and light breathing,
Biting on my own tongue, it's like teething.
Man, it gotta be a reason i'm going through it,
I done seen people change, said they wouldn't do it.
I was stupid, thinking life would be the same,
But God'll take you through the storm just to see the rain.
Open the windows of your mind just to feel the pain,
Starting on a clean slate but i'm still stained... (Dang)
So i'm holding on these grey balloons,
Tryna see where it takes me, i'll see you soon but....

(Don't worry baby)
You ain't gotta worry bout me at all....
(Be on, your way)
I'll be back one day, ay..
(Don't worry baby)
You ain't gotta worry bout me at all....
(Be on, your way)
I'll be back one day, ay..

(Verse 2)
I wish that I could remember the day I lost it,
Any sense of cares I had, was exhausted.
Burnt through the tail pipes, driven to insanity,
Everything I went through, brought out the man in me.
And God's demanding me, to spread that word,
You got fans, suck it up, cuz if they hurt, you hurt.
I'm supposed to paint the sky to defeat that night,
Be Lennox Lewis with the pen, yo I beat that mic,
You read that right? It's our earth, our turf
Rhymes, juicy as biggie, I fikki, and make the stars burst.
Just like a lost purse, I found my identity,
Happened for the first time like, loosing virginity.
Eventually, i'll be the man i'm destined to be,
You call it pain? I figured it's a blessing to me
So i'm leaving.... Where's my balloons? There they go,
I'm gone for now and, i'll see you soon so....

(Verse 3)
You gotta have heartbreak to be great,
They feel me from here to Philly, get a cheese steak,
Goodness for Pete's sake, i'm going where the wind wanna take me,
It's crazy now these chicks wanna date me, word really?
Cuz when your status start changing,
Friends turn foes, attitudes rearranging
It's strange when, your close friends disappear,
Now all you got is yourself, music and tears.
But the pain feels distant from here,
Balloons fly me to the moon, Granny i'll see you soon.
You was my heart and soul but now you gone,
The world didn't know you, but they will through my songs.
These kids sell they souls, lord I pray you forgive em'
Everybody makes mistakes, but not everyone forget em' (get em)
YOU, better grab a balloon,
And fly away with me, tell your fam you'll see em' soon and.....
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