I coulda been a dealer... Distributing the white
In the dark only filler
For the void in my life, coulda danced with the devil
Under moonlight formed into a cereal killer living the spoon life...
Cheerio, I aint milking the idea
Of walking up boxed in knowing ima die here...
Food for thought, could of chose a different route
Gang banging on the corner bust straps for the clout
But love what's I'm bout, know I said it before
I'm Skyblew to the bone Skeletoring some more
Coulda of been a whore, sleeping with every girl that I meet
But committed to my dreams honeymoon in my sleep...
Coulda been discreet but a psycho on the low
Addicted to mannequins taking pics at the store
I know... I coulda of been like, all of the above
But nah... I rather spread love... Duh!

[Verse 2:]
Coulda been a stereo type
Ratchet & following with followers of radio like
A knight in dim armor condemned to karma
For lying to the princess vowed not to let nobody harm her...
I coulda been a dead beat dad
With a lost son in the world heart full of wrath
Forced on path that he didn't chose.
Nobody to guide him... Chances minuscule
Of being what he coulda been a lawyer a doctor
Pilot helicopters all he need was a father
Coulda been him, nah that coulda been you, you
Coulda been the ish wha, what would you do, do?
If you didn't have a place to call home yo
Coulda been lost in the cold tryna regain your soul
I know... I coulda of been like, all of the above
But nah... I rather spread love... Duh!

[Verse 3:]
I'm none of the above ima dreamer
You can see it in my demeanor they say the grass greener
On the other side... You can have that
Rather not be a coulda been shoulda went to the nasdaq
Stock broking, but never stop hoping
Why fix what's not broken, I got my token
For the train ride... Mentally I know I can't hide
From who I'm meant to be the truth faint lies
Ima live for tonight while the street light guides me
Planned my path it don't surprise me
All I see, is my destiny in front in me
Not a coulda been all I know is who I wanna be
Not a wanna be, but original
Only 1 me, separate from the fictional
Love prevails & my tails the embodiment
Take your time, you'll see what I prolly meant
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StreetLIGHTS Lyrics

SkyBlew – StreetLIGHTS Lyrics