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Darkside Lyrics

Skull Dugrey – Darkside Lyrics

Yeah nigga, peep this.

Take a ride on the darkside, take a ride on the darkside.

As the forewind blows, my mind goes on the trip

But more like a tool when I drop this dope shit

Niggas want me stumped to my lyrics cause they jump

But I'm from that darkside, you know whuts up punk

You up in flames, you bitches I'm from tha D.S

Down South, darkside, it's all good bitch.

I'm like that violent rain that struck the city, Eugene Knight

May the 8th, I put my theory down right

Who gives a fuck I say

There's no explanation for the some of the things

that happens in the city at night

I seen a nigga ??????

They put the fire out for water electricuted the bitch

They make sure ya dead

Cause that's all that matters to a nigga in the darkside


I'm comin for ya

Niggas die on the darkside

I'm comin for ya

Niggas get glocked on the darkside x4

Nigga, now when the lightning strike the thunder always come

Bitch niggas don't even flinch cause if you do you get pistol whipped

I seen a nigga run for his life, from a fist fight

Same nigga lost the fight, got the gat right

That's how it's be in my city

Four hundred and twenty one murders, niggas don't show no pity

You got to be real in the land you live in, punk

Or get handled by them niggas in the darkside chump

I scar, I dwell, where demons have nothing but houghts of murder

Look down, await, body's hangin' out that burner

Aint nothin but murders that kill up around this bitch

That New Orleans city is wicked, that New Orleans city is wicked

Them bitches can't run, them hoes can't hide

Y'all niggas commit suicide in the darkside

Chorus x3
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