Gary mckinnon is a hacker
Who has been accused
To have done the bigest
Hack of all times
He broke in Nasa
And military systems
Just to find information
About Ufos and aliens

He found a us space command
And a list of non terrestrial officers
And found another list entitled
Fleet-to-fleet transfers
And looked at the names
And they weren't navy ships
What he saw that time, made him believe
That they had some kind of spaceships.

He had only a dream
Free Gary Mckinnon
Naпve, with good intent, hacker
Free Gary Mckinnon
He's has asperger syndrome
Free Gary Mckinnon
Let's end this
Free Gary Mckinnon

He found many photographs
Of Ufos and strange things
At Johnson Space Centre he found
Pictures of cigar-shaped objects
Now he has been terrorized
Of extradiction and seventy years in jail
Why persecute him, he had good intent,
Like prometeus giving fire to mankind
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Free Gary Mckinnon Lyrics

Skull And Bones – Free Gary Mckinnon Lyrics