Everyday, you get up
And go
To work
Or go to study
To get
A better work
To earn
Precious money.

[Pre chorus]
Tell me what you want?
Tell me what you need?
Tell me what moves you?
Do you really need that?
Isn't you missing something.
Is that your true will?
Or is that something
That cames from outside

Follow your heart
Go for your dreams
For most absurd
That they may be
No one can't deny
Your advance to them


You suffer
From thoghts
That came from the abyss
Of untamed minds,
That go
With the whirl
The red pill.
Don't lust for possessions,
For knowledge.
Don't be a tamed sheep.

[Pre chorus]
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Enlightenment Lyrics

Skull And Bones – Enlightenment Lyrics