Bramley cites medieval journals
In his book gods of eden
That described ufos
Which emitted noxious mists
The first reports of this
Began in the mid of fourteen century
At the same time of the
Epidemy of the black plague.

Bright lights crossed
Emitting gaseous mists
People said saw it coming in the streets
Creatures in black cloaks
Appeared in towns
Waving scithe emitting noxious mists.

These creatures had terrifying faces
And just after
There would be an outbreak
The Reaper is origined
From this alien creatures
Why they did this
Is a mystery

Black plague,
Black death,
Came from the skies,
That was close
Black plague,
Black death,
They saw us as a pest
But we survived.
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Black Death Lyrics

Skull And Bones – Black Death Lyrics