Scientists don't want to disturb
Their perfect
Boring square little world
Out of box is
Discharted (as madness).

They rationalize
That this planet
Is the unique pearl of the sea
They hide evidence
That would make
History books be rewritten

Objects in sky are seen
And they can't be explained
Aren't planes, comets
Or asteroids
Since the dawn
Of our history
Are signs of intervention
Crop circles, holy saviors
, abductions, pyramids, stonehenge

Everyday new planets
Are being discovered,
In goldlocks zone.
Just matter of time,
To confirm what we know
That life is out there.


Why is so hard
To conclude this
You are not
The Apex of God's Creation

We see structures on mercury
That resembles buildings
Shadow Spaceships steal
Energy from the sun in soho photos
In mars in cydonia
You'll find pyramids and the face
In moon bases, buildings, glass domes and glass towers

[Chorus:] (x2)
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Alien Life Lyrics

Skull And Bones – Alien Life Lyrics