This little piggy went to the market,
This little piggy to the fair,
This little piggy wore a big blue hat and he followed us everywhere!
Where ever we go so does he, in his little car.
If he works well for the money then, well he knows that he'll go far

This little piggy says that he's the boss
Listen piggy, we don't give a toss
This little piggy wants to send you down
He don't like people with a mind of their own.

This little piggy had a wooden stick, he taps it on his hand.
He'll hit you on the head if you speak your mind, well don't he think he's grand
This little piggy had a radio to call up all his mates
To plan their lies, to tell an oath to try and seal your fate


A bigger piggy had a lot of cash he gained from certain things,
Poured into his bank account by the men who pull strings
The biggest piggy didn't like his own land, he loved to see it die
And that's why patriots are banned from flying their flags high!

[Chorus:] x2
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This Little Piggy Lyrics

Skrewdriver – This Little Piggy Lyrics