[Chorus:] *La Roux*

Your love is like a stubborn youth
That you'd rather just deny
I'm walking on a broken roof
But I'm looking at the sky.


I'm one not to fall in love
But you, you, you got me good
Yes, you kinda rude... Coz
You don't appreciate the love that I give to you
But I think that's the reason that got me coming back
I can never look back, you key that I'm try'na crack
You got my heart locked, but I'ma break that pad lock
Coz there's more fish in sea
Keep treating me, this way then I'ma let it be
Girl, you got me going outta my mind
Why wont you ride ride, with me by my side
Coz one time we kickin it
Then the next you leaving it
Now I'm left thinking (why... Why why why)
Maybe you kinda shy
I'ma make it easy, put you in your place
Leave you feeling good kinda like Megan
She always first, never second


[Verse 2:]

I'm like damn this attraction
Coz she, she just enjoys the attention
But I, I forget to mention
That I, I got all these chicks in rotation
They waiting, but I ain't chasing
You wasting my patience
But... You got me off balance
You in control, troll
You on a roll, roll
You got my mind spinning like you going down on that poll, poll
You got me seeing things
You see what love brings
So why wont embrace it
Coz when it's gone you can't trace it
Face it, she don't want you
That's what I'm telling myself
This bad for my health
So I'ma move on, I'm gone
Coz yeah you wrong
I she'd a tear, while I did this song
But nah... Now I'm strong

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Lookin At The Sky Lyrics

Skitz Murd – Lookin At The Sky Lyrics

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