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Designer Lyrics

Skippa Da Flippa – Designer Lyrics

[Hook: Skippa Flippa]
Your girl just hit me, [?]
Two handcuffs, Ferragamo, everything is designer
[?] and them stacks all in my closet
Fall off, I'ma sell my closet, if I fall off I'ma sell my closet

[Verse 1: Skippa Flippa]
It 'on't even matter what it cost, sell my closet
Already done bought it, couldn't even charge the deposit
It 'on't even matter what it cost, I already bought it
You can go and [?] for the profit
Young rich niggas seen a half a mil, I ain't even have to go to college
Raised by my momma, nigga, no father figure, in the streets, taught me my knowledge
Designer, designer designer, designer designer
Versace, red bottoms, I got it from trappin' Nirvana
And I got commas, I'm trappin' in Hondas
I'm hot as a sauna, put it on my momma, I'm feelin' Capasana
That bitch from Ghana, she don't do Kwanzaa, she lick the anaconda
Follow me down to the cellar, 30 pair Maison Margielas
I don't do Jimmy Choo's, ye ain't get the Prada, not a lot of guala
[?] suit, shoes Dolce Gabanna, nigga I'm a mobster
On my bitch, Alexander McQueen, Robin my jeans, you still rockin' my schemes
Think you fresh? Nigga you ain't clean, you think you fresh? Nigga you ain't clean

[Hook: Skippa Flippa]

[Verse 2: Johnny Cinco]
Whole lot of red bottoms up in my closet
Whole lot of Jimmy Choo's next to my [?]
Damn, whole lot of Louis V up in my closet
Whole line of [?]
If I ever go broke, I'ma sell my closet
If I ever go broke, I'ma sell that Mazi
I want me a Bentley, no more rockin' Fendi
Still rock the lower Givenchy, I like my ho in Givenchy
'Bout the dollar, I'm 'bout the almighty dollar
Burberry still on my collars, hop out the coupe like a Rasta
Hop out the coupe like a [?]
We on shrimp, lobster and pasta

[Hook: Skippa Flippa]
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