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Can't Keep Hanging On Lyrics

Skip – Can't Keep Hanging On Lyrics

I’m smoking on that Jamaica
My pistol cocked for my haters
Got opium on the table
Gon' hit the block with it later
I’m great and nobody greater
His self or my holy savior
Don’t come to me for no favors
'Cause I don’t give up no paper
I swear you niggas a hater
Just like the people that raised you
Despite they say it’s your life
They still don’t like your behavior
Because is a ?
Man ain't 'posed to be ?
Nathaniel is of that nature
Be damn if I wear that label
Damn if I let you play doe
Damn if you have your way doe
Damn if I let you win when my family living ain’t stable
Damn if I let you take what I hustle hard and I pray for
Damn if I let you damage my chances, get out the way whoa
Can't keep holding on

I just can’t keep hanging on

I did three gave, they me six and I ain’t snitch
I'm tryin' to plug when I get out, bitch I ain't rich
I’m a money making nigga but I ain’t Mitch
I got on thousand dollars shoes and I ain’t shit
I got a problem with authority, I don’t like cops
I'll serve you anywhere, I just don’t like shops
My cell phone poppin', I call that pops
I’mma self-made nigga, don't need no props
Don’t owe you shit, you ain’t give me nothing
'Cause I don’t take fronts, your fake ass frontin'
Let me tell you something, I was raised up hustlin'
When a quarter bird cost a nigga like 7g's

I just can’t keep hanging on
I just can’t keep hanging on

Judge just gave my nigga air
He may never see the streets
In the middle of getting bread
You may run in to some beef
Got them birds flyin' like hawks and I ball like I’m Dominic
These bitch nigga catch a a lil charge
Go to singin' like symphony
Ain’t no limits, bitch I ain’t beat
I see murder, daily I be
In the trap, moving them keys
Tryna make a mil in a week
Straight out the Pyrex, right to the projects
I gotta eat, no time to digest, chasing a profit
Pockets obese, I remember I couldn’t eat
Lights off, same clothes, whole world turned cold
Nigga only God knows, live by the G Code
Never fold, whole team stay solid as a rock
Never told
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