Drug addiciton alcholism hatism beatialitiy mutilation murder vampirism necrophilia canobalism
Not to mention a gamet of sexual goodies...

It is true then!
You have a younger man
This, may well be the last one
This, justice.. I don't know
It's fine with you
This young man, hard not to see through
Those eyes are truly prestegous
Come on women
These lies and batrayal
It is I, I had to kill
I took a sword "These are her words"
First I cut his face
That I can believe
Then, I cut his hand


Don't look soo traggic old boy
You must learn to accept the secrets
It's a lack of control
They can't intend to adhear you
Get you're head in the papers all over again
In other words that don't mean shit
Double Cross
You all saw what happened
I had it in my hand
Look at him, that greatest loss here


Well you'll never get him
Don't touch him
Don't you ever ever touch him like that again....
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Double Cross Lyrics

Skinny Puppy – Double Cross Lyrics