What' s going on in this world today?

I' m a man on a mission I got something to say
To the men in the east and the men in the west
Tell me your reason for making this mess
You' re selling your soul and you' ll do it again for

Money, the rich get rich and the poor stay poor
For the money, life' s a bitch when you need some more

Who takes the blame for this poverty?
While children are dying they' re feeding their greed
One flag is red, one flag is blue
You give them the power, they take it form you
They' ve done it before and they' ll do it again for

Need for greed, need for ow ow ow


Hey mister can you spare some change so I can buy something to eat
I am out of friends and out of luck and I got nowhere to sleep
I' m only human don' t pass me by or pretend that I' m not there
I am on the streets and am getting cold, does anybody care?
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Money Lyrics

Skin – Money Lyrics

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