In 1263, when October came
In the west the Scots marched to a war
Hundreds of ships headed towards the coast
Taking the islands under the clouds

A meeting in Arran couldn't bring peace
And so the troops were led by their king
The rest of the fleet approached the land
Passing by Cumbrae and getting to Largs

The Drakkars were surprised
And they ran aground
The Scots took advantage
And launched an assault
Over the Norwegians

There was no response
The day faded away
They waited in the ships
Until the morning came
Then they landed in Largs

Right there, next to the Hebrides
Stopping centuries of Norse invasions
Terms of peace were offered
But they were not accepted

Storm in Largs Rain falls down
Storm in Largs over Largs

Once in the coast, the king and his men
Lacking in force, sensed a defeat
A major army caused their retreat
Overweighting the ships
Sinking them down

Remaining in the ships
The main body pf the Nordic force
Was unable to fight
The key was the storm
And the Scots finally won

Storm in Largs
Rains falls down
Storm in Largs
Over Largs
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Storm In Largs Lyrics

Skiltron – Storm In Largs Lyrics