Your life condemned to the shadows
Suffer now for your betrayal
Your lies speak of denial
Stand and meet your doom
Forsaken you shall suffer
I long to see you fucking die
The time for words is over
You shall face my wrath
As sure as the sun will rise
Know that you shall fall
You will bleed
I cast you out now feast upon the rocks
Die choked with loss

Die drenched in sorrow
Suffer alone in emptiness
Languish in punishing despair
Victim of my dark redemption
In pain you plead for death

Despised until the end of time
Your cries are worthless
Your tears become my wine

Discarded as human debris
Necrotic useless flesh
Cry out helplessly

As witness to your suffering, I shall stand unwept
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Unwept Lyrics

Skeletonwitch – Unwept Lyrics