Cursed Hands Of Perpetual Killing
Demented, Tormented
Unquenchable Lust To Devour Your Soul
A Sick Mind That Knows Not Of Illness
Afflicted, Sadistic
This Horrifying Force, The Desire To Kill
The Desire To Kill!

I Am The Night, A Silent As Shadow
Bound By The Crave Of Human Flesh
Blood Crazed, With Vicious Abandon
Ripping Limbs From Bodies, Crushing Bones

I Lurk In The Center Of Darkness
Stand Upon The Bones Of The Dead
My Salvation Is Your Total Destruction
Accept This Gift Of Exquisite Pain
Beyond Your Flesh, Your Most Beautiful Blood
Red Thirst Controlling, Draining You Of Life
Petrified I Am Your Focus Of Fear
Fix Upon The Demon As Your Die

Cry Out In Horror, Now Choke On Your Tears Of Blood
My Hunger For Your Flesh Burns Out Of Control
Terrifying Nightmare, You Shall Rot In This Miserable Grave
You Pray For Death, I Answer Your Prayer
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This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill) Lyrics

Skeletonwitch – This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill) Lyrics