Building an empire upon a lie
Foundation was crumbled but you still built high
And just when you think you've won
It's all coming down and sends you right back to square one

The blood in their veins is sold in the war
The leader believes the oil's worth more
And just when you thought you owned all but the sun
The revelation sparked you're coming back to square one

"I violate the law"
"We're not going to make the same mistake twice"

"I did"

The mind is a terrible thing to kill
But with a narrow one like his you know he will
Where the fuck are our rights, they're dead and they're gone
8 years of mistakes set us back to square one

Back to square one
Right back to square one
8 years of shit sent us right back
Right back to square one
Welcome to square one
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Welcome To Square One Lyrics

Skar – Welcome To Square One Lyrics