You seem to contradict yourself a lot. You say you cannot change, it's who you are, but I think that it's not. What am I expected to believe? 'Cause I think I'm starting to perceive the sort of person you are.

"So what if I'm a hypocrite? As long as you don't dwell on it, then no harm no foul." As if you didn't understand, the impact that your actions had - so why'd you make them?

Why don't you stand up for what you believe in? Or do your views just change with the crowds? It's safe to say you speak without reason. I don't know who you are anymore. Well maybe you just deceived me, maybe you deceived yourself too. Either way I've come to the conclusion: if you don't give a shit, then I don't give a shit about you.
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I Don't Know Who You Are Anymore Lyrics

Skaciety – I Don't Know Who You Are Anymore Lyrics