You found me broken,
In a place called misery.
You found me full of hatred,
Yet empty.
With all the trophies,
Of the path I chose,
Hung around my neck,
Like shackles.
Though my blood fermented,
By this blackened heart,
Your hand stretched out to me,
Asking nothing.
You healed my sickness.
You cured my disease.
You brought salvation.
You brought release.
You know where I came from,
You know what I'd be,
If You hadn't saved me,
Sacred, broken tree.
Deserving of nothing,
Guilty of all,
You gave everything,
You didn't let me fall.
And though I don't understand You,
Why You value me,
I'm forever grateful,
For Your mercy.
And though I thought the pain,
The pain would never cease,
You brought redemption,
You brought release.
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Release Lyrics

Six Feet Deep – Release Lyrics