He said he'd be back tomorrow
There she is waiting by the door
He would be on her mind forever
But you know he never thought of her no more
He was a young boy out for freedom
Only looking for a good time
Her heart was game in open season
You know he met her at a bad old time
One smile and she gave him her heart and mind
He had been too drunk to remember
What they did on that old feather bed
Now there's a baby in the back room
And a mama that's gone out of her head
And he did not remember her
But he had a good time
She could not forget that boy
He got her heart and mind
That child grew up and joined the Navy
Got an anchor tattooed on his arm
He's breaking hearts all around the world
He never knew it, but he was just like his Daddy was
He never knew him, but he was just like his Daddy was
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Heart And Mind Lyrics

Sister Double Happiness – Heart And Mind Lyrics