He said, "it felt just like the end of the world
To watch her walk away"
And anyone could've seen there was nothing he
Could've done just to make her stay
Smoking the remains of last night's cigarette
Standing in his worn-out shoes
For a minute I was in paris, october of '30
Feelin' someone else's blues

If I could make it through this one
There's something 'round the corner
It's got to get better than this

I tell myself if I make it through
This time, I'll be okay
But it gets harder to listen to yourself
When you've heard everything you have to say
I can take a punch as good as anyone
But this one's gonna leave a bruise
Sometimes I wish I was anywhere but here
Feelin' someone else's blues

At night we lay inside each other's arms
A little shelter before we call it a day
I still might be lost and confused
And desperate enough to pray
Thinking how he let her go
I know I still got plenty left to lose
Sometimes I can still find a little comfort
In someone else's blues
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This One Lyrics

Sister 7 – This One Lyrics